Solidarity Caravan show their solidarity

by on August 20, 2014

Solidarity Caravan to Texas organizers show their solidarity with Ferguson and all victims of police brutality

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Statement on the Current Migrant Crisis

by on August 9, 2014

Statement on the Current Migrant Crisis of Children and Youth Held in U.S. Detention Centers

We Demand Immediate Refugee Status
The 50,000 children and youth currently detained by the Department of Homeland Security as well as any and all children and youth who may be on their way, should receive a heartfelt welcome, housing, etc. and should be granted immediate refugee status. These children and youth are war refugees, not detainees, they are a population of young workers who have been forced to migrate. The roots of the migration are underlying social conditions and structural weaknesses that make the lives of the workers and poor insecure and unsafe, all encouraged by the U.S. government. Persistent poverty, inequality, lack of opportunity and unemployment leave many susceptible to crime.

Respect the TVPRA 2008 Law on Central American Migrants
In 2008, Congress passed the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act to deal with human trafficking to fast-track decisions for migrants from Central America. President Obama is currently trying to repeal that law in order to facilitate the removal of the children.

No to the Deportations
It is criminal to try to deport these children and youth putting them back in harm’s way. These youth are fleeing “gang” terror, death squad repression and super poverty. We also oppose the deportations of over 2million workers in the recent years, and declare that no worker is illegal.

U.S. Policy Behind the Crisis
The tidal wave of youth at our border is primarily a result of U.S. foreign and economic policy. Whether it is the continued “drug war” that amounts to a war on the poor—which in the U.S. means the unjust mass incarceration of Black and Latino youths; or economic policies such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement; or the drive by Washington to undermine progressive governments in Latin America such as overthrowing the democratically elected administration of President Mel Zelaya in Honduras, U.S. policy is behind this current crisis. One must ask: how can drugs flow freely throughout the Americas, crossing all borders, while workers in search of a livelihood must go through such terror? Furthermore, these policies primarily affect dark-skinned immigrants. As activists point out, lighter skinned privileged Latin Americans reap the benefits of U.S. policies and are free to travel on planes back and forth with passports. Policies such as the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) mean money stolen from the people to fund the drug war that helps no worker. A whopping $208 million has been used in Central America! Who benefits? Not the poor.

No to Racist Right-wing Terror in Murietta and Elsewhere
It was government officials from Department of Homeland Security agencies who leaked pictures of detained youth to right-wing websites. Where is the investigation of who leaked them? Why is no one asking why they were leaked to the right-wing? The collaboration of conservative DHS agents and some government officials is what has given rise to the vigilante attacks against a bus of children in Murietta, California. We condemn these hateful attacks. Racism in Latin America must also be condemned as Latin American racial policies separate and destroy families. Most of the refugees are not white Latin Americans. Most of the violence happens in poor neighborhood where “las buenas familias blancas (the good white families)” are immune to it.

Stop the Militarization of the Border
The over $2billion dollars that President Obama has recently requested for this crisis is mainly going to beef up the border militarily. This money could be used instead to turn the water back on in poor people’s homes in Detroit.

International Crisis
Not just at the US/Mexican border but throughout Europe and elsewhere, people from Africa, Asia and so on are forced to leave their homelands. They too are experiencing the same “welcome” in Europe by corporations that no longer need cheap labor. The crisis of migration is indeed global and requires a global strategy to organize for workers’ rights.

Solidarity and Unity Needed
The current crisis is part and parcel of the crisis for all workers, not just in the U.S., or Central America but around the world. The capitalist system’s drive to push low wages on workers around the globe is creating an untenable situation. The drive to break unions, such as the recent Supreme Court decision, are part and parcel of the attacks on all the working class. A united call for solidarity is needed to fight back. Now more than ever, workers with or without documents must unite to fight for our rights.

Caravan to Texas Border in Solidarity with Central American Refugee Children

by on August 6, 2014

Caravan to Texas Border in Solidarity with Central American Refugee Children

Sisters and brothers, please join activists who are meeting to discuss organizing a caravan to South Texas in support of migrant refugees. We plan to carry out an educational campaign that will call for refugee status of the over 50,000 children in detention, an end to deportations of all immigrants, talk about the root causes of migration, and show our solidarity with the children and people of Gaza.

Our caravan will be filled with material aid and will stop in cities along the East Coast and make its way to South Texas to deliver the aid and meet with migrant advocates. Help us make history by supporting our efforts.

Our next meeting is:

Friday, August 8 @7:00pm
St. Peter’s Church
619 Lexington Ave. @ 53rd St. Manhattan
Take the E, M to the Lexington/53 stop or the #6

For more info call 917-328-6470 or email or visit


Garifuna Migrant Children

by on July 28, 2014

Pocos los medios de noticias escriben o hablan de la gente Garifuna quienes tambien forman parte de la masiva inmigracion de Centro America y de Honduras

El Hormiguero – Calle 13

by on July 12, 2014