A Sneak Peek at ‘The State of Black Immigrants in the U.S.’

by on September 16, 2016

A Sneak Peek at ‘The State of Black Immigrants in the U.S.’ (Spoiler Alert – It Isn’t Good)

Post by Carl Lipscombe, BAJI Legal and Policy Manager

(This blog is adapted from a forthcoming report by Black Alliance for Just Immigration & New York University School of Law Immigrants Rights Clinic entitled, ‘The State of Black Immigrants’)

“We demand an end to the criminalization, incarceration, and killing of our people. This includes … (5) [a]n end to the war on Black immigrants.”  – #Vision4BlackLives Platform

In an era where Black Lives Matter and #Not1More have become rallying cries for racial justice and immigrants’ rights activists, it’s important that we uplift the common challenges that cross both movements – mass incarceration, policing, immigrant detention, deportations, deprivation of civil rights and civil liberties, economic inequality, inadequate healthcare and education access, and the destruction of families and communities. These problems are prevalent in all poor communities of color in the United States. But unlike Black Americans and immigrants of other backgrounds, Black immigrants – immigrants originating largely from Africa, the Caribbean, and South and Central America – face the aforementioned challenges in ways that are unique and consequential.

For over a decade, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) has sought to raise public awareness around issues impacting Black immigrants through education, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and storytelling. Despite our successes, which include consolidating Black immigrant power and mobilizing the Black diaspora around the human rights issues that transcend our communities, Black Americans and Black immigrants remain at the margins of society.

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International Migrants Alliance Info-Session on the UN High Level Dialogue and Mobilization to End Forced Migration

by on September 9, 2016


The International Migrants’ Alliance (IMA) is the first-ever global alliance of organizations of grassroots migrants, refugees and displaced peoples.  Established in June 2008, the IMA aims to strengthen and put forward the voice of the grassroots migrants on issues affecting them and their families. From issues of remittance to rights and welfare to the resolution of forced labor migration, the IMA lays down its analysis from the grassroots migrants’ point of view and challenges the current system and its mechanisms like the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).

Coinciding with the UN High Level Dialogues taking place in New York, IMA will be holding a mobilization to end forced migration and resist imperialist globalization, on Sunday, September 18, at 4PM, assembly at Times Square, on 43rd Street and 7th Avenue. While heads of states and executives of corporations have attended these dialogues to form policies about migration and development in the interest of profit, and impacting the lives of migrant workers and their families from the Global South, they have not included migrant worker voices.

The International Migrants Alliance (IMA) presents an alternative to the analyses of the UN High Level Dialogues, a more transformative framework on migration & development based on and driven by human rights. The International Migrants Alliance (IMA) demands an end to massive displacement of people, abuse, exploitation, discrimination, human rights violations, and even death of migrants and refugees caused by the neoliberal policies of imperialist U.S.

Please join IMA on September 18, 4PM, at Times Square, to mobilize and march for migrants and workers. Let us call an end to forced migration and resist imperialist globalization!

To learn more about the UN High Level Dialogue (HLD) and the International Migrants Alliance, please join us in an info-session on Friday, September 9, from 7PM-9PM, at San Damiano Hall, at St. Francis of Assisi, 129 West 31st Street, New York, NY 10001. Please see our attached flyer for the info-session, march and rally.

If you have any questions, please contact Jonna Baldres at 646-587-7390 or Antonio Arizaga at 862-227-6265, email us at ima.usa2011@gmail.com, or visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ima.usa2011

Thank you very much!

This Labor Day, thank a farmworker

by on September 1, 2016


Support brave farmworkers demanding rights

Dear friend:

Many of us will come together this weekend to celebrate Labor Day. Gathering with family and friends, we’ll fire up the grill and lay out spreads of fruits and vegetables.

Yet, ironically, the workers who harvest the food we will eat lack basic labor rights in New York state.

Our 60,000 farmworkers drive a $6.36 billion industry, but because of a holdover Jim Crowe-era law, they cannot organize for better conditions.

So factory farm bosses intimidate them into working under shocking and inhumane conditions. Their risk of dying on the job is 20 times higher than the average worker and women farmworkers face one of the highest rates of sexual abuse across industries.

“They treat us like slaves and worse than the cows.” – Crispin Hernandez

“You are housed in deplorable conditions, sometimes with no heating in upstate New York winters.” – Antonio Salinas Guzman

“I have … suffered discrimination, racism and verbal abuse from my bosses.” – Jose Garcia

Despite the intimidation, some farmworkers have risked everything to take a stand. Tell the farmworkers you’re with them and thank them for speaking out.

Thanks to the Workers’ Center of Central New York and the Worker Justice Center of New York, the NYCLU is now suing the state for failing to protect farmworkers’ right to organize. This Labor Day, Crispin, Antonio, Jose, Dolores and the rest of the workers who have stood up to make our state a more just place deserve to know they are not alone and New Yorkers are grateful for their sacrifices.

Please add your name to the letter of solidarity we look forward to giving them.

Thank you for all you do,

Donna Lieberman

Donna Lieberman
Executive Director
New York Civil Liberties Union

Converge on the U.S./Mexico Border

by on August 3, 2016

Border Convergence

SOA Watch

We are moving our annual convergence this Fall from the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia to the militarized US/Mexico border. The Border Convergence is going to take place from October 7-10, 2016 in Nogales, Arizona/ Sonora. The change of the location goes along with the broadening of the issue and our expanded fight against U.S. militarization at home and abroad.

The convergence is taking place right before the November election. To generate the biggest possible impact, we need to build a strong coalition of groups to make the convergence a success. We hope that you would consider to mobilize your community the Border Convergence.

Visit SOAW.org/border for more information.

May Day 2016 Rally and March at Union Square!

by on April 28, 2016

May Day 2016

International Workers Day

Workers of the World, Unite!

12:00pm Rally at Union Square

14th St & Broadway

Facebook Event Page

3:00pm Join Immigrant Worker Justice Tour at

Washington Square Park

Facebook Event Page

Free Oscar NOW
May Day Boricua Contingent 2016

10 Years in the Struggle for Immigrant Rights!

Workers and Migrants of the World Unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains! Join us on Sunday, May 1st, as we show that there is another world possible, another world where forced migration due to neoliberal policies happens, where refugees and migrants don’t have to flee their homelands and go to countries that and uses their labor as cheap labor, where refugees and migrants are not criminalized, where families are not torn apart, where families do not have to fear deportation, detention and raids, where black lives matter, where our workers have sustainable wages, where you are not killed or disappeared for fighting for your community, where we are liberated. Join us on Sunday, May 1st, and make our voices heard.